PVCu Sustainability

The BFRC Rating for windows and doors is now included in Part L. Besides the existing target U-values for replacement windows, compliance to Part L can be shown using certain window energy ratings. The standard for replacement windows in an existing dwelling should be an energy rating of ‘E’ or better. Professional fit, as an absolute minimum, ‘C’ rated, and the standards for new windows in extensions should be ‘D’ rated or better. For new build dwellings, the compliance with Part L is proven via a target CO2 Emmission Rate, which needs to be met, without specific BFRC requirements for the windows. However, the norm across the industry appears to be ‘A’ rated as standard. All of which we can supply and install.
More stringent regulations and specified requirements has led to triple glazing and standard double glazed unit manufacturers introducing the use of noble gases such as Argon, Krypton and Xenon. These dense gases reduce the thermal transmissions and significantly reduce U values.

GasThermal Conductivity w/m2K

A Rating (Double Glazing)

In addition, a double glazing option for REHAU S706 can be offered by using the specification for the ‘C’ rating and changing the standard reinforcement to patented Rehau Thermal Sleeves.

Slim sightlines REHAU Thermal Slleves standard reinforced Double-glazing with low iron glass, gas filling recommended (Argon, Krypton and Low E coatings) Warm edge spacer bar.