Site Management

  • Professional has successfully carried out window installation works for over twenty  years. In that time, we have experienced every conceivable scenario, including fixing  and making good details, resident notification and liaison, health and safety  compliance and specification and client requirements.
  • The Senior Project Manager ensures that the scope of works has been completely  assessed and allowance made for each specific requirement.
  • The contract specific programme includes every activity and critical date. The Senior Project Manager plans and progresses the works to ensure the agreed site commencement date is achieved.
  • The project management team will not allow the window installation works to commence without compliance and completion of all health and safety and  technical criteria.
  • Professional agrees the finishing detail and standard with all stakeholders at the start of  the contract. This benchmark is agreed upon completion of the first installation,  whereupon the remaining installations will be completed to an equal standard. Pilot  installations can be carried out at a client’s request.
  • Ongoing installations are clearly monitored and the status of each installation to ensure that client satisfaction and pre agreed KPI’s are maintained.
  • Throughout the duration of the contract, customer care is of paramount importance. The role of the RLO’s ensure that all occupiers are kept informed of all developments no matter how small – these matters may be of little relevance to some but very important to  others and this ethos is maintained throughout